Easy and quick Salmon Red Curry

I love eating as well as cooking  but I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen so today I will quickly make my  salmon red curry dish. 🙂  Yum!! let’s see what are the ingredients and the method . “Do it my way”


Salmon 200 g

Red curry paste 1 tbs

All purpose flour 3 tbs

Coconut milk 150 ml

Olive oil 1 tbs

Fish sauce 1 tsp(optional) “you can use soy sauce or salt instead”

Brow sugar 1 tsp

1 Fresh chili

Sweet Basil leaf

Kaffir lime leaf

Lesser Galanga( optional)





  1. First I pan-fired my salmon to prevent they break apart once I put into my curry sauce. seasoning with salt and pepper
  2. Preparing red curry  ” use medium high heat add 1 tbs olive oil and 1 tbs red curry paste stir-fried for 1 minute after that add coconut milk a little by little and keep stir till you can see coconut oil then add more coconut milk set your burner to a low heat  and  let the curry boil for 4 minutes after that I seasoning with sugar, fish sauce mix well and it”s done! 🙂


This is how it looks once I put the over my salmon and it is Yummy! 🙂 I love it so much.

Author: สาวภูไทกาฬสินธุ์

สาวภูไท กาฬสินธุ์ ผลัดถิ่น มาอยู่เเดนไกล เเม้ต่างชาติต่างภาษาเเต่ ไม่เคยลืมชาติกำเนิด

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